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Ten things you really need for your new baby (and ten you don’t – necessarily)

10 Jul Sleeping baby

Are you about to give birth to a baby and plan on raising it? Having seen yet another list of baby must-haves that contains stuff I’ve never even seen in real life, I’m writing a blog that’s been brewing in my head for a while: what you really need for a new baby, and how to get it all for under a grand – or nothing. (more…)

Birthing Dora

3 Jul

Contains graphic detail and images of nudity. Probably NSFW.

An epic tale wherein a scuppered plan needn’t mean loss of control.

What I wanted from my birthing experience

I wanted the birth of my baby to be a pain-free, pain relief-free, non-interventionist birth. I wanted it to be relatively quick, and straightforward, in my own home. It didn’t turn out quite that way.

But beneath wanting that were the reasons I wanted that. It was important to me to keep the motivations topmost in my mind. I basically wanted to avoid experiences I’d seen others have: (more…)

Whose Justice?

31 Jan

There was a Facebook group set up recently entitled ‘Take A Break Magazine can fuck off, Limmy’s not evil!’  This was following an article they ran which, according to the group, blamed Scottish internet comedian Limmy for all the world’s problems following a video of him killing a prostitute in GTAIV. (more…)